She’s Super Feisty

She’s Super Feisty…
Hillary Fires Back

There are many double standards in politics, too many to name here (or in a lifetime), that all have varyingly terrible results for people in general. One in particular has been catching the eye of the media lately, and it’s been on my mind.
Surrounding Hillary’s “book tour” there’s been a charge leveled at her by Fox & co. – she’s too “feisty”.

Hillary’s Worst Quality 

And yes, World Net Daily counts. Mouthpieces for the same thing.

Perhaps I’m alone here – though I don’t think so – in thinking that this “criticism” is massively unfair.
When a female politician bares her teeth and exercises power, she’s “mean”, “feisty”, and my personal favorite, “emotional” (someone still want to make the argument that sexism is dead?).

Christie’s “Authoritative” Attitude

So what of the chorus of voices full of nothing but praise for the abrasive, rude, infantile style of Chris Christie? Because he’s a fat, imposing Republican, he’s seen as “taking on teacher’s unions” (by yelling at and belittling female teachers – what a man’s man!), when he’s amazingly rude to the press, he gets a few laughs and a free pass – when Hillary goes off a teensy bit on an NPR reporter

Tense Moment for Hillary on NPR

Oh, she lashed out! What an embarrassing loss of control! Clearly she’s not presidential material.

Chris Christie Yells at a Teacher…Again

Chris Christie is yelling at teachers! Clearly he’s the kind of man we need to stand up to the gross excess of exorbitant elementary teacher salaries, while bravely defending corporate welfare and the interests of Wall Street!
See what I mean here?

I could go on. There’s umpteen million articles about Hillary’s age. Were Repubs engaged in such self reflection about McCain or Dole, or the grandaddy of them all, that stupid ass Gipper who enabled the messes we’re in today, and escaped prosecution essentially because he was too addled to even remember? He’s a hero! He had the balls to call black women “welfare queens” – CLEARLY this is the bravery we need in Washington!!

The GOP is ass backwards on so many things, but when it comes to women, the ignorance is truly amazing.

-Dirty Liberal

Don’t Call Her Feisty