Mission Statement



So this is where I say the why, and I understand that “because I’ve been sitting around in my underwear for months and needed something to do” may not seem satisfactory to everyone. Though, if you ask me, that’s the reason most of us do anything. So why indeed?


I don’t know what kind of difference, if any, I can make, but I’m reasonably intelligent and sometimes have the willpower to sit down and write a column. I consume the news like a junkie, but have an intense disregard for mainstream media in general, so I’d say my psychological profile would point towards some kind of political blog sooner or later; I’m surprised I’ve held out this long.

Having said all that, I do have some rules for myself. I intend to say what I want to say, but to say it fairly. A good argument doesn’t have to be made with profanity or lack of respect for the other side of the discussion. It has resonance just by being true, although sometimes one has to come up with inventive ways to re-introduce truth into the discussion.

There’s one or two columns ready to go, nothing big or major. After that, I’m on my own. I’m not sure how often I’ll post, though I hope having an outlet and a voice encourages me to post frequently; there are a ridiculous number of things going on and I’m constantly exasperated at how little everyone knows or pays attention. And look, I get it, paying attention takes time, is a fairly sadomasochistic endeavor, and rarely bestows pure feelings of happiness. Still, it’s important to know, to be aware, and if I can channel my frustration into sharing here, then I’m likely to be less of an ass to the people in my life that I love. The rest of you can expect no change in treatment.

The dirty liberal has started his little crusade; let us see where it can go. Image


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